Why you should be oiling your hair

Why you should be oiling your hair

More than ever we are investing in the best products to achieve glowing skin, healthy bodies and hair. Our hair puts up with a lot! From all that straightening, curling, dying and bleaching, your hair deserves some TLC. We quite easily treat our skin to a 7 step skincare routine every night, so why not start giving back to your hair? We'd like to share some of the top benefits you can start enjoying if you start oiling your hair!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

If you have dry hair chances are you have exposed your hair to prolonged heat and chemicals. These harsh treatments strip your hair of natural oils which can lead to excessive dryness, breakages, frizz and generally weak hair. Hair oils are the most powerful and effective way you can start to nurture your hair back to hydration and shine. Our Organic hair oils are cold-pressed meaning the oils have been extracted using pressure, not heat. This ensures the quality of vitamins and minerals in the oils are protected, giving you the best possible benefits. 

But my hair is thin?

Our oil is suitable for all hair types and doesn't weigh down thin hair, it is formulated to thicken and densify the hair. Giving you beautiful, head turning locks.

But my hair is oily already?

This is because your scalp is unhealthy. A imbalanced scalp pH results in excess sebum production which causes oily scalp/hair/head.

Let It Grow!

I think you would agree that the most common struggle is growing and maintaining thickness of your hair. But if you are applying heat or dye to your hair how can you expect it to grow? The best solution is hair oil! We could give you 30 reasons why hair oil will help grow and thicken your hair, but we'd be here all day. So let's start with the basics.

When you apply hair oil, massaging it into your scalp will help stimulate blood flow to the scalp which activates your hair follicles. This also improves the depth of your hair follicles which will promote growth of hair. This is why we recommend using scalp massagers when applying your hair oil so you can enjoy the best possible results. 

Good quality oil is a must. That's why all our oils are 100% organic and cold compressed meaning they retain high levels of vitamins and minerals which are essential in promoting hair growth. Oils hydrate and nourish each strand of hair to strengthen the bond which work to prevent breakages and achiever thicker hair.

Prevents Dandruff

Dandruff is commonly formed on oily scalps. The best way to treat this is applying oils with anti-pruritic properties which include Pomegranate oil, Olive and Tea Tree oil. These specific oils work best to cleanse the scalp, lifting the build up of moisture, bacteria and dandruff. Our Hair repair blend is the perfect solution if are struggling with excessive dandruff. We also recommend using a scalp massager when you apply the oil to really allow the oil to lift and remove the dandruff.

Its Easy!

Using hair oil is easy and more convenient than you think. We recommend regularly applying hair oil 2 times a week, so just find a way to build it into your haircare routine. With most of us working from home it has never been easier to apply oil before your hair wash day. If you're a busy bee you can even leave the hair oil in for 1 hour before washing your hair and still enjoy the benefits. 

How To Oil?

The same way you apply shampoo and conditioner! Massage the oil thoroughly into your scalp and length of hair. It's super simple and made even easier with a handsfree application through our Scalp Stimulating Massager.


  • Steph on

    Hi there,
    Please may I ask if its best to apply the oil on clean or dirty hair? I wash mine every other day, so just wondering about scheduling it in.
    Many thanks

  • Yvonne on

    I have eczema on my scalp sometimes will the oil affect this

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