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The Arabesque Company was founded to bring ancient, pure, natural, age-old remedies passed down through Eastern heritage. We love nature and everything natural, we are advocates of organic and pure living. The beauty industry is full of harsh chemicals and hormone-disrupting ingredients. We ensure everything is 100% natural, organic and vegan friendly.

It all started at the roots

We retain traditional Eastern techniques in the production of all our products and encourage ancient beauty and wellbeing practices, proven through a thousand lifetimes.
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Nature Holds The Treasures

We're proud to craft products made with 100% pure, natural, unadulterated, organic ingredients.
Our inspiration comes from time-tested traditions, where nature's wisdom has always been our greatest source of knowledge.
Each product is a testament to the belief that the Earth provides everything we need for radiant, healthy skin and hair. Join us in embracing the natural beauty that's been cherished for centuries, and experience the transformative difference of our genuinely clean, nature-inspired offerings. Your body deserves nothing less.

Meet Sofia - Founder of The Arabesque Co.

Growing up oiling hair was a weekly tradition in my household.

Suffering from sensitive skin, eczema and dandruff meant I was always conscious of what products I was using and opted towards organic and natural alternatives. As a result I was always sourcing my own organic ingredients to avoid chemicals.

For a few years I experimented on my hair, bleaching, dying and using heat nearly everyday (which I’m sure most girls can relate to). After years of this, my curls were left flat, dry and damaged.
Then came around lockdown, which was the perfect opportunity I had to nourish my hair to recover from this damage. My dry, damaged hair was once again revitalised back to my thick, luscious curls.
Using a recipe passed down from my grandmother, I began to mix oils and started sharing this with friends and family. The popularity of this grew to eventually me starting my brand, The Arabesque Co. A brand built on the basis of organic and pure living.

I really hope Arabesque products become part of your hair care journey and transform your hair the way they have for me and so many others.